Need Complete Computer Support?

Consultation Computer Repair Tune-Up and Backup
Get a professional, in-home assessment of your computer needs.

From viruses to hard drive crashes, we can fix major PC, computer or laptop issues.

Make sure your computer is working its best and that your data is secure.
Installation and Setup Protection Hard Drive Recovery

Installation of new hardware components and devices.

We'll take your existing PC and give it a 1 year protection. We'll access your hard drive and determine if media can be recovered.

How it works:


1. To get started, submit a service request. We will ask you questions and analyze your computer to find the source of the issues.


2. We will figure out what is wrong, explain the problem to you and offer the necessary solution.


3. After you accept the solution, we will guide you through our secure remote connection process or schedule a time to go onsite. 

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