Complete Computer Support?

Virus and Malware Removal System Tune-Up Password Resets
We'll remove any virus, spyware and adware your device encounters.

We'll give your device a system tune-up, which includes operating system software updates, screen cleaning and keyboard cleaning.

We'll help you reset and update passwords for increased security.
Device Setup & Install Data Back Up Hard Drive Recovery

Having issues setting up your new device? Contact us and let us help you solve your problem.

You never think about data backup until it's too late. We'll help you securely transfer your music, pictures and documents from your PC to the external storage that you provide. We'll assess if your hard drive or media is recoverable. No data, no charge - 100% guaranteed.
Diagnostics Protection Parental Control Services
Can't figure out what's wrong with your PC? Let us diagnose your software or hardware with a professional, in-home assessment of your computer needs. Not only will we take your existing PC and give it a 1 year protection, but we'll configure and set it up. Safe surfing and socializing for kids, peace of mind for you.

How it works:


1. To get started, submit a service request. We will ask you questions and analyze your computer to find the source of the issues.


2. We will figure out what is wrong, explain the problem to you and offer the necessary solution.


3. After you accept the solution, we will guide you through our secure remote connection process or schedule a time to go onsite. 



Get Quality Technical Support with Comprehensive Service

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